How to be a STEMinist

53. Find Your Own Leadership Style

May 19, 2021 Tiffany Dawson Episode 53
How to be a STEMinist
53. Find Your Own Leadership Style
Show Notes

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Don't change your behaviour just because you've become a leader!

I've had 3 private coaching clients come to me in the past couple of weeks with the same misunderstanding: They thought their leadership style was too nice / empathetic / caring.

But when we dug down further, it was because the only role models they'd ever had were men with super directive communication styles.

This is common for women in STEM. Our examples of leadership are often people who are nothing like us.

Not sure how to create your own leadership style? I've got you.

Episode Summary:

  • Common misconceptions we have about ideal leadership traits
  • Feminine vs. masculine behaviours in the workplace
  • How our misconceptions are deterring women from going for leadership positions
  • How to raise your self awareness to develop your own leadership style


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