Unconventional Success

Gentle Sophisticated Sales with Helen Thacker

August 30, 2023 Episode 108
Unconventional Success
Gentle Sophisticated Sales with Helen Thacker
Show Notes

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Helen Thacker is a sales and strategy coach with 20+ years experience in sales.

Back when she was working for someone else, Helen was trained to use sales tactics that made her feel awful and inauthentic. So from that experience, she sought out ways to sell using gentle and sophisticated methods that felt right for her.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How you can learn to love sales by working on your sales mindset and holistic business strategy
  • Why CLARITY in your niche is the foundation to all your messaging
  • Selling powerfully without the obvious sales push or bro-marketing techniques
  • The trick that most internet marketers forget these days: relationship building

... plus so much more!

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