Unconventional Success

30 days to make it work or shut down my business

August 02, 2023 Tiffany Dawson Episode 104
Unconventional Success
30 days to make it work or shut down my business
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A DEEPLY personal story being served up in this episode. It's a little painful to relive but I wanted to do it so you know that:

  • You're not alone in these challenges of motherhood and entrepreneurship
  • You CAN overcome and GROW from these hardships
  • There is support no matter how alone you feel right now


For months after coming back from maternity leave, I’d made a total of $0 in my business and was relying solely on my husband’s wages and savings from government maternity allowance to get by. While I felt incredibly lucky we could afford to do that, I knew D-Day was coming:

The date our savings would run dry and I’d need to give up the business in search for a “real job”.

I didn't realise that being a business owner would make me feel like such a failure. I was a financial burden on my young family and felt overwhelmingly LONELY - I told myself that that came hand-in-hand with being a solopreneur and a mother.

At this point, I only had one month of financial runway left in our savings to make it work before I’d have to quit and look for a “real job”. I needed some SERIOUS inspiration.

But not from the super well-known, 6-figure month revenue earners (although this was certainly the future goal!). Their lives seemed so different and unattainable then.

  • I sought out mothers like me - a few years into business, prioritising their freedom lifestyle goals and earning the money needed to make that a reality.
  • I got to see that there were women out there who’d created the perfect balance of spending time on business and time to enjoy adventures with their children.
  • I immersed myself in a support circle that didn’t see business as a competition. They never hesitated to share their knowledge because they truly cared about lifting other women up.
  • And because they were willing to share their deepest darkest failures, their expansive business wins and their huge financial goals, it normalised it all for me so I believed I could do it too.​

3 months later, not only had I dodged the need to give up my business - I had my highest income month since returning from maternity leave.


Overflow Collective gives you all of these benefits without having to spend the time and energy finding those women yourself.

If you feel this is the perfect space for you to make your business dreams a reality, within a circle of uplifting, inspirational women who get you - I encourage you to join and be a part of this movement.

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