Unconventional Success

Step into your future self NOW so you can achieve your goals FAST

July 13, 2023 Episode 102
Unconventional Success
Step into your future self NOW so you can achieve your goals FAST
Show Notes

Today’s episode is inspired by the monumental shifts that have happened in my client’s life over the past few weeks. And I want to share with you the exact things she worked on to make it happen.

This client first came to me feeling like life was hectic and overwhelming. She felt overworked and woke up one day with a huge realisation - she never actually wanted to work in a 9-5 job like this.

Fast forward to now, while she’s still working in her full time role, she feels relaxed, has expansive visions of her future and is taking action towards her vision board life. 

In fact she already feels the way she wants to in future, despite not having obtained the things she thought she’d need in order to feel that way.

While I helped to guide and focus her attention on the right things, she was the one who put in the necessary work to MAKE IT HAPPEN

Here's how she did it ⬇️

✨ Worked on increasing her confidence

> So she wasted less time second guessing herself and no longer worried when things didn't go to plan.

✨ Made space for her own desires through boundary setting

> She eliminated unnecessary meetings and learnt kind ways of saying “no” to make space for achieving her own goals and desires.

✨ Stepped into her future successful self

> She got crystal clear on the thoughts, feelings and behaviours her future self will hold and started acting like her TODAY.

If you're tired of running on the treadmill of overwhelm and wish to create space and an expansive mindset to achieve your vision board goals, send me a DM on insta.

Let me know you listened to this ep and I would love be your guide of making your dream lifestyle a reality right now.

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