Unconventional Success

Shortcut to a confident, business mindset

June 07, 2023 Tiffany Dawson Episode 98
Unconventional Success
Shortcut to a confident, business mindset
Show Notes

What are you supposed to  do when deep down, you don't really believe that your business goals can come true?

We're told to journal and meditate. But sometimes these practises can feel forced and inauthentic at the time. So aside from sitting in a room quietly with yourself, a journal and pen - what else could you do?

This episode was inspired by a client conversation I had where my client didn't believe she could make good money from the industry she was trying to break into. When we delved into it, it was because...

She had no one in her circle who had done it before! She'd heard some stories of businesses going wrong and assumed that was her fate too.

The easiest and most practical way you can instantly grow your self belief is to surround yourself with those who have either done it before, or want the same thing you do.

It's time to NORMALISE your dreams - not make them feel like some unattainable feat.

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